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What is an FPO?

An FPO, or Farmers' Producer Organization, is a collective of farmers who come together to enhance their bargaining power and improve their agricultural practices formed by farmers with the aim of increasing their income and improving their overall socioeconomic status. By pooling their resources, knowledge, and market access, farmers in an FPO can collectively negotiate better prices for their produce, access credit facilities, adopt modern farming techniques, and share information and expertise.

Our FPO with 350+ farmers with approx 5000 acers of farmland

Arulmigu Someshwarar Farmer Producer Company Ltd is a leading agriculture business based in Anaimalai, TN. Our mission is to provide high-quality agricultural products and services to farmers and businesses across the region.

An FPO with 350+ farmers and approximately 5000 acres indicates a sizeable organization encompassing a significant amount of agricultural land. Here, the FPO brings together more than 350 individual farmers who collectively own or cultivate around 5000 acres of farmland.

Such a large land area suggests that the FPO may have access to a diverse range of agricultural resources and production capabilities. With a sizable membership and landholding, the FPO can undertake various activities and initiatives on a broader scale. These may include joint procurement of inputs, collective marketing and sales, sharing of machinery and equipment, implementation of advanced farming practices, and leveraging economies of scale for improved profitability.

  Additionally, the FPO may have increased bargaining power and influence in negotiating better prices, securing favorable contracts, and accessing government support schemes. The larger membership base and landholding also provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, training, and sharing of best practices among the farmers within the FPO, leading to overall agricultural development and increased income for its members.

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We deliver pure edible produce from farmers

Featured Acticle

The benefits of nutmeg and its mace

Culinary Uses - Baking, Cooking, flavor of beverages, Desserts

Spice Blends

Medicinal Uses - Digestive Aid, Sleep Aid, Pain Relief, Oral Health, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve mood

In some cultures, nutmeg is considered a symbol of good luck and is used in rituals and ceremonies.

Coconut Oil for health and beauty

Lauric acid available in breast milk is in coconut oil.

Coconut oil helps improve Good Cholesterol (HDL).

Improved oral health
Teeth whitening
Relief from headaches, sinus and skin problems

Above results are after consuming coconut oil and performing oil pulling in coconut oil.


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